CLANDESTINO pubblic performance, Ventimiglia 2015, Pantelleria 2013, photos, carbon paper 21x27cm


Carbon paper, tooth prints, 21 x 27 cm

In critical places for illegal migrant crossings, Andrea d’Amore monitors migrants by recording their scream through pieces of carbon paper superimposed on pieces of white paper. Folded in half, the pages form a horizontal line; when migrants bite this line, they leave the impression of their scream, in positive on the white paper and in negative on the carbon paper. For the migrant, Clandestino is a occasion for a creative exchange with the receiver. The white paper with the impression of the bite is kept by the migrant.

“The hospitality missing in European immigration policies should, through rules, regulate relationships with others. However, the abstraction of laws should be transformed into relationships and emotions. Symbols and rituals generate respect, dignity, will and sentiment, pledges and commitment.”


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