WE LOVE LEBOWSKI documentario 40:16, video 12:00, Firenze, 2011

WE LOVE LEBOWSKI is a investigation into the dynamics of football fanatics: through a documentary film, they tell the story of the Curva Moana Pozzi, Ultras of the A.C. Lebowski, a third category Florentine team. The case of Lebowski’s Ultras is a rare case, probably unique one, in the panorama of Italian football context.

’This is the case of a group of young people who, starting from a certain moment of their life, after having gained other football affiliations, decide to join a team, choose the team last in ranking in the last federal championship. This choice happens not because of the territorial belonging, family inheritance or cultural ties, but because, according to these guys, the Lebowski team embodies the values of an old football now no longer existing.