SPONTANEA convivium performance, Toscana in Contemporanea, Fondazione Jorio Vivarelli, 2019




Agrabah is an association made up of the parents of autistic children which was set up in 2002 in the Casa di Gello in Pistoia, where an experimental project for the ‘Work Training for a future Farm Community’ has been launched foradult users. Over the days I spent there, the Agrabah users prepared 15 kilos of bread dough to which I added a mixture of chopped wild herbs gathered in the grounds of Casa di Gello. I organised individual meeting sessions with the users, with a portion of the dough placed in front of each. Without any predefined formal result or action, the idea of the sessions was that the youngsters should transmit emotion to the dough, without any conceptual filters, a language in which meaning is not yet crystallised. The rendering public of the project was the installation of emotive proto-shapes of bread that the guests could eat. The Spontanea project developed at Agrabah was not a deviation drawing us towards a ‘normalising’ exercise, but rather the opportunity for a dialogue around being, being able to be and being together.


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