Carnival is not a time that betrays the will to completely overcome the past through a Creative invalidation. A time conceded and necessary . 19for popular venting that allows for the renewal of order, the sovereign established creation. From their natural position of passive reception, once sewn, the two ears talk to each other, become conscious. Chimera di Carnevale is a prototype for a subversive salami.

“Beyond the allegorical content of its components, the Chimera di Carnevale offers multiple simultaneous subversions of modernity: something prepared by hand by one person from one animal in a home kitchen subverts both the commercialization and the industrialization of foodstuffs, because now a single salami consumed by a single individual is produced from multiple animals prepared by many hands in facilities designed to process pigs on a mass scale into products destined for commercial distribution. The Chimera di Carnevale subverts salami itself through its components and construction, yet remains ironically closer to the idealized notion of what a salami is, with its defining characteristics derived from the obsolete necessities of a subsistence society. The Chimera di Carnevale offers an antidote to alienation, both in the Marxist sense of modernity’s alienation of the individual from their productive labor (the transformation of people into workers) and the postmodern sense of individuals being alienated from the social networks that were once synonymous with the networks supporting the production and distribution of those prepared and conserved foods necessary for surviving the winter.”

Zachary T. Androus


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