APPENDICE D’ARTISTA Appendice d’artista #1, convivium performance, Villa Romana Firenze, 2012

Risotto YOU is served by placing a square mirror on the edges of the plate. The mirror has been previously steamed up and the word YOU written on it using a finger, since the skin is naturally oily. The steam from the risotto makes the word appear again. To eat the risotto you have to pick up the mirror, the word YOU gradually disappears with the evaporation, allowing the mirror image of the diner to emerge. The attempt to seek the other vanishes in the immanence of the ego, exactly as in the assiduous research carried out by Ketty La Rocca during her life.

The soul of the gesture is a dish made up of shapes made by pressing balls of polenta inside the hands, following the dictates of the gestural vocabulary of Ketty La Rocca.