STILL LIFE VS NATURA MORTA Appendice d’artista #3, convivium performance, Villa Romana Firenze, 2012

A fixed video camera films the entire room where the convivium is taking place. The images are simultaneously projected on a wall of the same room, creating an effect of facing mirrors that repeat the image ad infinitum like Chinese boxes. The guests are equipped with closed circuit cameras and the images shot by the diners alternate with the images of the overall shots. Microphones positioned in the room pick up the audio, which with a slight delay is amplified in the area through stereo speakers. The microphones also capture the mixture of the amplified audio and the live audio in a continuous and dizzying meshing of present times with the purpose of overriding linear time. Spices and aromatic herbs were burnt throughout the experience. A herring wrapped in a mound of herbs and flowers is suspended above the table; the experience began with its preparation and sharing. In the following days the table was abandoned with the leftovers of food in decomposition while on the wall the video recorded during the live experience runs on a loop.