WHAT HAVE YOU DONE CONCRETELY FOR YOUR FREEDOM? Appendice d’artista #5, convivium performance, Villa Romana Firenze, 2014

The food preparation was ordered from the Sri Lankan delicatessen Shenarya Food Center in Via del Moro in Florence. Over the days prior to the opening, the managers of the deli asked their customers to reply to the question What have you done concretely for your freedom? The customers wrote their replies on the cardboard lids that were then used toclose the single-portion food cartons to be delivered to the convivium. As Juan Pablo Macías proposes in his exhibition, ‘acknowledging labour to be a formal material that, like ink or any other medium, can act as a working material in its own right’, the cartons were installed on a marble table in the garden of Villa Romana. The guests chose a story and ate the meal contained in the carton. New lids and pens were distributed to the diners, offering them in turn the chance to answer the question ‘What have you done concretely for your freedom?’ On the following daythe lids with the replies collected at Villa Romana were delivered to the Shenarya deli, which used them to close the take- away cartons for their customers.