PERVASO Appendice d’artista #7 , convivium performance, Villa Romana Firenze, 2016

A notion of garden assumed as a vacuum of nature is an instant of deception that triggers a perpetually conflictual relationship with form, the other, God and ourselves. Instead, conceiving the garden as a vacuum pervaded by nature leads to harmony and absence of conflict. The convivium takes place around a table made by placing a pane of glass over three large terracotta pots. The elements used to make the table were lying unused in the least frequented corner of the garden of Villa Romana. The three empty pots had – like most of the garden – been colonised by shoots of bay as a result of the pruning of the hedges carried out a few days earlier, which had favoured the scattering of the seeds. Thus, just as in the photos presented in the exhibition by Yann Monel, the convivium is set literally above a third landscape in which a forgotten architecture – the pots and the glass – is pervaded by a not deliberately determined nature.